About Lucky Pupper

Welcome to Lucky Pupper, the paw-some blog about those lovable mixed-breed dogs and the incredible world of finding, rescuing, and adopting the right breed. Whether you’re considering bringing home a four-legged friend or want to be part of the pack in supporting the noble shelter dog cause, you’ve landed on the right page!

I’m head-over-heels for dogs, and over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to rescue and adopt a bunch of adorable furballs. But let me tell you; during my time as a dog foster, my eyes were opened to the tremendous help these pups truly need.

Picture this: I’ll never forget when I met Rosie, my first foster dog. She was a tiny chihuahua mama, trembling with fear. Rosie had found herself in a shelter after her family was unexpectedly deported. When we loaded her crate into the back of my car, she unleashed her teeth on our hands with a ferocity that sent shivers down our spines. The two-hour car ride back home was filled with both excitement and apprehension. I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of whirlwind I had gotten myself into. I was a bit scared, too, no bones about it. But deep down, I knew I was determined to shower Rosie and her pups with the love, kindness, and patience they deserved.

And guess what? With time, Rosie transformed into the most lovable, gentle soul. She learned to trust us with her precious puppies, received the needed care, and eventually found her forever home. As fate would have it, a couple of my close friends couldn’t resist the adorable charms of Rosie’s pups and ended up giving them a forever home. Now, I visit these little tail-waggers as often as I please. Rosie and I conquered our fears and formed an unbreakable bond of trust.

Life has taken some twists and turns since then, and I haven’t been able to foster as much as I’d like. But let me tell you, I wouldn’t trade my experience for a mountain of dog treats! Being part of a foster family opened my eyes to a new world of knowledge and compassion. And here’s a juicy tidbit for you: did you know there are countless ways to help rescue dogs without actually adopting them? That’s right! Lucky Pupper is here to spill the beans and share all the insider details. Check out our post, “101 Ways To Help A Shelter Dog Without Adopting.” Trust me. It’s chock-full of fantastic ideas to make a difference!

I’m not the only one with stories to tell. I’m all ears if you have a heartwarming tale about fostering or adopting a rescue dog! Share your woof-worthy story by shooting us an email at contact@luckypupper.com. Don’t forget to put the word “Story” in the subject line for a chance to be featured on our blog. We can’t wait to hear about the love and joy these incredible pups have brought into your lives!

So, what are you waiting for? Get those tails wagging and join us on this incredible journey of love, compassion, and second chances. Together, we’ll make the world better, one lucky pupper at a time!

In the meantime, would you like to meet my current pack?

Female German Shepherd laying in a recliner

Indy – Our German Shepherd Rescue

Indy – aka Indy Bear, Mindy Moon, or just Moon, is four years old now. We were very lucky to get her from the organization I fostered for. She was rescued at around five weeks old, and we got her at 12 weeks. She is truly the BEST girl!

Honey Bunny

Honey joined the pack when she was eight weeks old. She’s not much of a rabbit hunter, but she LOVES her treats, her dad, and sleeping under the bedsheets! Honey is now three.

Female beagle with a pink collar
Black lab with a red paisley handkerchief around his neck


Although many of our dogs have crossed the rainbow bridge over the years, it would be wrong not to mention Jake since we recently lost him to bone cancer. Jake was a gentleman. He helped train all the dogs after him. He even shared his new Christmas present (a dog bed) with our foster dog Rosie and her pups. Rest easy, buddy!

Rosie & Her Pups

Awe Rosie! Thank you for sharing the experience of being our first foster dog. When we met, you were ferocious, but by the time you were ready to leave, you were sweet and loveable. We hope you get many treats and love in your new forever home!